Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Update on Derik

I am sitting here in the hospital with Derik and just wanted to give an update on how he is doing. We were able to start him back on his feeds today at half strength he has been able to keep it down. So tonite we are going to feed him his regular feeding through out the night and hopefully he will be able to keep it down and tolerate it. If he does, we will be able to go home tomorrow. I wanted to thank EVERYBODY for everything that has been done to help out our family the last couple of weeks. It is so wonderful to have such an awesome support system, especially through the people of the church. What an amazing organization!! I was talking to a Dr. last night about all the help we have been given through the church and she was amazed that there are people out there like that, that are willing to help those that are in need and put their own busy schedules to the side to be there for us. Thanks for all the prayers!!

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  1. So glad he is doing better and getting to come home...he is such a sweet boy! You are exactly right Kelli...what would we do without the church? We sure do love your family!!