Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Future MHS Wrestlers

We've got a while to go before we see anymore wrestlers from the Porter family. The next one will be Bailey. This is of course if he decides to wrestle.
Nolan did a really good job this year in wrestling. He took 5th at state, we all know he could've done better if it wasn't for the ref. We are proud of him and his nephews all look up to him.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mexico Hunt

Spencer keeps bugging me to blog his Mexico hunt. He was so excited to go with the guys, he was loosing sleep over it for months!! He had some serious anxiety issues. I dont think he's ever been so excited about something in his whole life. He had a very fun time, I was glad he was able to go.
He went with Jake Tenney, Craig Blackburn, Daniel Franco, Ira Parry, & Greg Gardner. "What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico" I dont even want to know what happened in Mexico. HaHa!
Spencer took a picture of the country that they were hunting in, its beautiful. Nothing I expected Mexico to look like. Last but not least, I had to save the best for last!! I had to make sure I got Daniels permission before I posted this one.
Im not even going to begin to explain this one. Thats why I said I dont even want to know what went on in Mexico.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Wow what a fun day!! We went to the drag races with Dustin & Sarai, Daniel & Marcie, Monti & Robbi, Jake & Courtney. It was a lot of fun.
After the races were over we went to the pits to see if we could see any drivers. We saw Antron Brown so we went over to see him. While we were standing there I told the girls I was going to ask him for his hat & have him sign it. So we got our picture taken & I was so nervous I couldn't do it. So Sarai said "hey my friend wants to know if she can have your hat and she wants you to sign it for her." So he said "really" then I said "yes". So he took off his hat and signed it and gave it to me!
Then of course, the guys decided that they needed a picture with Ashley Force. Shes really an awesome driver for being a girl! She went head to head with her dad John Force and bearly lost, it was really cool to see that.
Then we saw one more driver out Cory McClenathan. After we got out picture the guys wanted to get one with him. When they got theirs Spencer said hey my wife wants your hat and wants you to sign it for her. So took off his hat signed it and then gave it to me. Sarai didnt think that was very fair that I got 2 hats so I was nice and let her have that one. But it was really a fun day. Good to get away for a little while!!!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexis!!

Alexis had her b-day on the 6th. I cant believe that she is already 7! She had a really fun birthday party. We had her Aunt Olivia and her cousin Torin and Kaitlyn put makeup on all the girls and paint there fingerails.
Then there Ruger, that kid wont miss out on the oppurtunity to eat! He loves cake.

Party Pooper !!! Dont ask me how you can sleep in a house of noisey girls.

We had to get a picture of all the girls after they got there makeup and nails done. Silly girls.

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Gotta love Coupons!

I just have to brag about how awesome coupons really are! I never thought growing up I would ever use them, boy was I silly. A couple of my friends & I went down to frys on Shea Blvd. one evening, I saved 228. & spent 66! Its awesome, everybody should try it.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are Blogging

We are the Spencer and Kelli Porter Family! We hope you enjoy keeping up with our lives through our blog.

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